The Catalan National Assembly counts on 40 foreign assemblies all over the world. They gather more than 10.000 Catalans, from heart or with a passport. The Foreign Assemblies explain the Catalan independence process to the world.

Foreign Assembly


ANC Germany
ANC Andorra
ANC England
ANC Argentina
ANC Australia
ANC Austria
ANC Belgium
ANC Brasil
ANC Colombia
ANC Denmark
ANC El Salvador
ANC United Emirates
ANC Ecuador
ANC Scotland
ANC Euskal Herria
ANC France
ANC Galicia
ANC Hong Kong
ANC Northern Ireland
ANC Ireland
ANC Israel
ANC Italy
ANC Latvia
ANC Luxemburg
ANC Madrid
ANC Mexico
ANC Norway
ANC New Zeland
ANC Netherlands
ANC Poland
ANC Quebec
ANC Dominican Republic
ANC Czech Republic
ANC Sweden
ANC Switzerland
ANC Thailand
ANC United States of America
ANC Chile
ANC China